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Photography & Art for dowlings inferno 1

dowlings inferno 2

In this post, I’m going to share with you some of the things we were thinking about while putting together this piece. The subject was Gainesville firefighter John Dowling. For a story such as this, the visual art should reflect what’s written. The photography and the design should go well together and be visibly pleasing to the eye. Not contrasting one another but complimenting. I think we did a great job with communicating our creative ideas with one another and thinking outside the box; while keeping in mind the story of “Dowling’s Inferno.” Here are a few of those ideas:
1. For this shoot, I wanted to give a feel of times past with our firefighter. I was shooting(literally) for that 60s television show feel.  During this period, shows highlighted the American service person, worker, professional, and their family lives. I also wanted to really give him that intense hero feel. I shot him knowing what I wanted to do in post production with the photos to create that feel.

2. Mr. Dowling has different sides to his life. The shoot itself was based on the day in the life of a firefighter. Around the station.

3.Designing around the photography and story. Having the photos and the story to build this piece around, dialogue began between the superstar designers and the photographer. Clearly there are two different parts to firefighter Dowling’s life. And also an interesting upbringing. In the cover shot, this separation is played on.

Next, Colors or the lack of always play a major part. This was for the “Hot Issue” of Gainesville Today Magazine. So, while taking that into consideration along with this individual piece; the designers used orange hues to communicate the hot, and blue/gray for the cool. Not using an actual fire graphic which would have been a more straight up way was a great decision. Sometimes being too straight forward is just that. Too straight forward. Thinking outside of the box is important with projects like this.

I’ll finish with this. There were many more different aspects that came with putting this together. But the overall idea when putting the art all together is to provoke thought or something within the viewer(s).

I hope you enjoy the story of “Dowling’s Inferno.”

Philip Marcel

Big ups to Darrell Stevens, Mykl Gormley, and Sasha Fields.


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