Photo Tip: I’ll Fix it in Post Later.”

Photo Tip: I’ll Fix it in Post Later.”

During a shoot, situations come up where adjustments in composition, styling, or settings have to be made. Suggestions from other staff members or even your own thinking will be: “Lets fix it in Post(post production) later.” You have to be wise about this decision. It may end up taking much longer and be much more of a hassel to make adjustments in postproduction than it would be to just take 5 mins and fix or make adjustments in the heat of the moment. Adjustments in the moment could just mean 5 mins., but adjustments in post production could take hours.

With the volume of work I do and the turnaround times that’s often required; I’m all about taking the time in the shoot to make quick simple adjustments than for myself or a designer to spend hours in post production enhancing or the image(s). Judge wisely


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